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Our Mission

The Rio Vista and Delta Current is an independent nonprofit newsroom dedicated to providing California Delta residents with in-depth reporting on politics, education, the environment, high school sports and local happenings. We will cover all that is unique about The Delta: its personality, communities, businesses and culture.


We will also tackle the region's problems and challenges. We will publish without fear or favor, or obligation to outside interests. We aim to make our communities better -- by connecting residents and providing them the information they need to make knowledgeable decisions. 

The Current will be supported by carefully-curated advertising, and we are in the process of applying for philanthropic and foundation grants to help us further our mission. Since we are a nonprofit newsroom, we will provide our content at no cost to everyone in the region and beyond.


But we still need your support in order to succeed. The engagement of readers and financial supporters is vital to our growth, sustainability and public service. You can help us succeed by making a one-time donation, or by becoming  a member today. Since our goal is to be transparent in all that we do, we will publicly disclose all sources of funding for The Current. 

The Current will also serve as a community platform. We will publish a wide range of stories and opinion pieces submitted by readers. We will host events to engage readers and foster understanding about the important issues facing our region. 

Our work is guided by one full-time e​mployee, a number of freelance contributors and a board of directors. Please reach out if you are interested in having your work published with The Current, or in supporting our mission in another capacity.

This is just the beginning. In the months to come, we aim to launch a weekly newspaper to make our work easily accessible to all Delta residents. You can help us meet our goal by making a donation today.

Our Team

EMILIE EATON, Founder and Executive Director

Emilie Eaton is an award-winning journalist whose work has been published by USA Today, NBC News, The Sacramento Bee, The Houston Chronicle, The Arizona Republic and The Center for Public Integrity, among others. She previously worked at the San Antonio Express-News, where she extensively covered issues relating to family violence, police failures to properly investigate sex crimes and several high-profile murder trials. Twice, she was present for the execution of men sentenced to death by the State of Texas. Her work has been honored in the Hearst National Journalism Awards and by the Society of Professional Journalists, among others. You can contact her at

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